Monday 25 May - Die Entführung aus dem Serail

Monday 25 May Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio) or Il seraglio – Mozart


Desiree Rancalore – Konstanza

Javier Camaerna – Belmonte

Rebecca Helsen – Blondchen

Thomas Ebenstei – Pedrillo

Kurt Rydl – Osmin

Tobias Moretti – Pasha Selim

Director  – Adrian Marthaler

Conductor – Hans Graf

Camerata Salzburg

Salzburg Bachchor

2013          2hrs 5’


Not your usual production. It was performed and filmed in an aircraft hanger for television. Amongst the huge area eleven different performance spaces were set up. However it has been well received with a strong cast and excellent musical values. The costumes are all haut-couture as in this production Pasha Selim is the exotic head of a fashion house.

“Turkish” subjects were very fashionable at the period Mozart wrote this, one only needs to think of his famous “Rondo a la Turka” from his Piano Sonata in A.

The staging of the opera was a complex undertaking with the orchestra in a neighbouring space, the conductor keeping in contact with the singers via monitors and the singers wearing earpieces to stay in touch.


Act One:

Belmonte, a Spanish nobleman, is looking for his betrothed, Konstanze, captured by pirates. He has arrived in Turkey with his servant Pedrillo and Konstanze’s maid Blonde. At the gates of a palace they learn from the grumpy overseer Osmin that it is the home of Pasha Selim. Osmin expresses his loathing of Pedrillo, but does say that Konstanze is inside.

The Pasha arrives with retinue demanding that Konstanze change her mind about marrying him, but she remains adamant that her heart belongs to another.

After she has gone Pedrillo introduces Belmonte to the Pasha as an architect. The Pasha agrees to employ him, but both young men have trouble getting past Osmin on their way in to the palace.

Act Two: 

Blonde has been given in to the keeping of Osmin whom she teases mercilessly. Konstanze still won’t give in to Selim even in the face of his threat to torture her.

In order to aid their escape that night Pedrillo gets Osmin drunk. Belmonte and Konstanze finally meet and all the lovers joyously exclaim their fidelity.

Act Three: 

As a signal that it’s safe Pedrillo sings an old ballad, however during the escape they are found by the guards and brought before Osmin. The Pasha orders that they must all die, especially when he discovers that Belmonte’s father is his greatest enemy. Left together the lovers prepare to face death.

Selim re-enters to say that he has had a change of heart and releases all four. The opera ends with everyone happy, except for Osmin.